Avi Grinberg con Ohad Naharin, ideatore di Gaga Dance

Avi Grinberg, ideatore del metodo di lavoro sul corpo omonimo e dell’allenamento di Stopping Movement, incontra Ohad Naharin, il direttore della Batsheva Dance Company nonchè l’inventore del Gaga movement.

Two innovators, two methodologies: Avi Grinberg meets Ohad Naharin and the Batsheva Company dancers.The most remarkable thing, which created immediate results, was that all the participants were doing what they love and are passionate about.If you are passionate about working with people and contributing to their lives, and if you aspire to keep on developing personally and professionally, we invite you to join us in the upcoming Hands On seminar.The seminar is a prelude to the professional studies to become a Grinberg Method practitioner that start in 2018, with Avi Grinberg, the methodology’s founder.It is the best way to get a firsthand tryout of the profession, so that you can decide through your own experience if becoming a practitioner is the right choice for you.The seminar in Tel Aviv is in November. Click here bit.ly/Hands_On_Tel-Aviv to register.And for the next seminar in Vienna register here bit.ly/Hands_On_Vienna.

Pubblicato da Grinberg Method su lunedì 23 ottobre 2017