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Serena Rosso

My name is Serena Rosso and I have been doing somatic integration since 2006. I help people regain their natural and innate abilities to perceive through the body.

I have a bachelor's degree in communication science and received the international diploma of the Grinberg Method in 2010. I first worked as a project manager and then as a personal assistant to a leading architect. Then I changed my life. I wanted to pass on to others the attitude that had allowed me to be more in touch with myself, more free and independent.

I am a certified practitioner of the Pantarei Approach, a somatic coaching methodology developed in Berlin.

In my spare time you can meet me in the mountains walking many kilometers and as many meters of elevation gain.

You can read my resume on: LinkedIn

Senior professional of the Grinberg Method, Footwork and movement trainer Certified professional of Pantarei Approach 

SERENA ROSSO - ComeStareBene
Teaching how to be well through somatic approaches is our aim

Gianfranco Pioggia

I have always practiced volleyball competitively and took up martial arts, becoming a black belt in Close Combat and studying different styles and techniques.

I worked in filmmaking for many years and with stressful rhythms, everything had to be done well and fast. I didn't have time to stop and take care of my back pain, which I had often — I was doing physical work, having to carry heavy material like the camera.

Eventually I got stuck just doing the work, unable to move from the neck down. At that moment I became aware that I had to do something.

In the search for a solution for my back pain, I encountered the Grinberg Method, thanks to which I learned how pain, whether physical or emotional, was an important part of life, to befriend rather than fight it. This is the motivation that drove me to become a practitioner and now a teacher of the Grinberg Method: to be able to reach more and more people who can benefit from my experience.

I trained by working alongside Avi Grinberg, the founder of the Grinberg Method, in teaching a full three-year training cycle from 2019 to 2022 at the international school's headquarters in Spain, and today I am a teacher and co-founder of the BeYourBody Academy school in Italy.

My resume on: LinkedIn

Teacher and senior professional of the Grinberg Method, Footwork and smove trainer
Co-fondatore di Beyourbody Academy

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Anger is an emotion that comes with feelings; training yourself to recognize and feel them gives you a unique tool to use when you feel it.

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Whether you suffer from chronic or acute pain, we can offer you a way to learn how to manage it starting with body sensation.

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When we face a change, it is not always easy to keep stress, excitement, fear under control. The body can support you in these moments. 

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