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Recovery is a specific working methodology of the Grinberg method. Recovery sessions are a series of meetings focused exclusively on a physical condition that requires urgency and precision to reduce suffering as quickly as possible.

Although we try to avoid it, pain is used by the body to get our attention, and receiving sessions when the pain is intense enables the body to access its natural resources more quickly and simply for healing.

When there is pain in the body, there is energy that is blocked. The goal of a Recovery process is to access this energy and allow it to flow to enhance the body's natural healing process.

As a result, the person will learn how to invest their own energy to recover, rather than automatically reacting against the painful condition of the moment or resisting against the pain by creating unnecessary efforts and tensions.

When the body is in pain, the person is on high alert and attention is extremely focused; Recovery uses this moment as an advantage. In fact, when the person's attention is completely on the pain, the practitioner in close collaboration with the person is able to achieve quick and effective results.

The recovery path helps to enhance the healing process

Who it is indicated for:

The Recovery process is indicated for those suffering from acute physical conditions and for those suffering from serious chronic conditions that, in both cases, have a considerable impact on daily life.

Possible conditions that can be worked with in a Recovery process:

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