Courses and workshop of the Grinberg Method


In addition to individual sessions, we are certified trainers and offer Grinberg Method classes and training

Movement classes

sMove! Stopping Movement Training is a holistic workout that is done with music that is based on non-repetition of movement.

You move to the rhythm of music, each pulse corresponds to a Stop, after each Stop a new movement begins, never identical to the previous one. The body moves, without choreography or repeated series.

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you train flexibility of muscles and tendons and, at the same time, neuroplasticity

non-repetitive movement allows release of tension in joints and strains
increase concentration and energy level
reduce the frequency and intensity of recurring symptoms

Courses and workshops

Currently sMove movement courses are online on Zoom

Throughout the year we hold in-person workshops on specific topics such as classes on the back area and changing posture or learning how to leave automatic strain in the eye area.

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Holistic training

Our Holistic Training meetings aim to train body attention.

We use breathing exercises, relaxation and silence to increase the level of attention to the body, internally, and also to perceive the outer space with every sense.

In holistic training, we keep the focus on a recurring physical symptom, which each participant chooses individually. Our approach aims to teach an attitude to be applied to reality, in the different situations we all face. Professional training

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Grinberg Method training

Beyourbody is the international school for becoming a Grinberg Method practitioner based in Italy.

Grinberg Method Training

Grinberg Method training opens the door to a rich and exciting profession that gives you the opportunity to work with people independently, humanely and dynamically. During the course of study, you learn to connect with people through different types of touch, bodylearning and body attention.

Gianfranco Pioggia is a certified Grinberg Method teacher and co-founder of Beyourbody.

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Courses and workshop of the Grinberg Method
Attention in connection with breathing, description and touch becomes the means of connecting the experience of sensations to reality.

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